Prof. Ido Didi Fabian
ocular oncology specialist

Diagnosis and treatment of intraocular and ocular surface tumors

Ocular Oncology

Uveal Melanoma

Choroidal Nevus


Ocular Lymphoma

Conjunctival Melanoma

Conjunctival Carcinoma

לורם איפסום דולור סיט אמט, קונסקטורר אדיפיסינג אלית לפרומי בלוף קינץ תתיח לרעח. לת צשחמי צש בליא, מנסוטו צמלח לביקו ננבי, צמוקו בלוקריה.


Prof. Ido Didi Fabian is an ocular oncology specialist and a member of the Israel Ophthalmological Association.
He completed a fellowship in ocular oncology at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, UK, and Jules-Gonin Eye Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Dr. Fabian is an associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in the UK.
Prof. Fabian has written over 80 medical articles that have been published in peer-reviewed international journals, as well as chapters of books on ocular oncology. You can find a list of his research under the “Research” tab on the site.
Prof. Fabian treats patients with tumors referred from Israel, Cyprus and countries of the former USSR. He is a specialist consultant for ocular oncology groups in the Far East (Nepal, Pakistan, China) and Africa (Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique).

International Activity

Prof. Fabian works constantly as an ocular oncology consultant in low-income countries, including in East Asia, Oceania and Africa. As part of the Retinoblastoma Network (Rb-NET), an international consortium based in the UK, he has visited multiple times to retinoblastoma centers in Uganda and Malawi to consult and provide medical training, treatment and surgeries.
Prof. Fabian is the lead researcher of the Rb-NET, which includes specialist doctors from the UK, India, Indonesia, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and Kenya. As part of the group, Prof. Fabian initiated and led the first study of its kind, which investigated children with retinoblastoma from 153 countries (more than half of the children in the world who were diagnosed with the disease in 2017). Sight for All is another international organization of which Prof. Fabian is a member; it is a non-profit Australian organization with the objective of improving the outcome of patients with ocular tumors in Oceania and southeast Asia.

Research Activity

Prof. Ido Didi Fabian is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and Associate Professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, England.
As of 2017, he heads the Retinoblastoma Network (Rb-NET) International Research Program, which includes centers from the UK, India and Africa – Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya.
He is the initiator and lead researcher of the Global Retinoblastoma Study, involving nearly 500 researchers and physicians from 130 countries.
Prof. Ido Didi Fabian has authored over 60 medical articles published in Controlled International Literature, as well as chapters in books dealing with eye oncology.

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